Established in April of 2017, Genco Pura Oil has grown from a couple of guys trying to make a difference to a lean and caring company. Headquarter in Charleston, South Carolina and office in La Jolla, California; Genco is rapidly growing and exploring new grounds of CBD applications for daily use.

Our two special operations veteran founders aspired to grow a business together that would have a positive impact in our community. As they became knowledgeable about the potential benefits of cannabidiol from a general wellness to research on PTSD combined with NO THC psychoactive properties, they decided to start an online private label website. It became a cascading sequence of events that have allowed us to grow into an opportunity of becoming a leader in the industry by supplying thousands of customers with their own private labels, along with our retail line and bulk oil options.


Born and raised in upstate New York, Justin Blehar served in Special Operations U.S. Army for 15+ years. Honorably discharged to focus on his masters in psychology at Loyola in Maryland, Justin’s first hand experience of seeing the benefits of CBD inspired him and Phil to start a business that could help others the same way CBD did for him.


Born and raised in Canada, Phil Braun also enlisted in the U.S Army serving in Special Operations for 10+ years. With having such positive results with CBD and loving puppies, Phil believed that there was an untapped market that needed to be filled.